Aritco Platform Lifts

Aritco have platform lifts to suit various commercial spaces, from shopping malls and residential premises through to offices. This company manufactures platform lifts that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, surpassing all set standards for residential, commercial and public access. The platform lifts we supply and install, including the Compact Pluto and Public Building, are constructed and designed to ensure your safety and comfort. Whether you have a new or older property, we will have an elevator that suits your property. Get in touch with us today for further information or to arrange a quotation.

About Aritco

Aritco is an industry leading platform and home lift manufacturer. In 1995 four entrepreneurs brought Aritco into the world in a lounge in Kungsängen on the outskirts of Stockholm. All four entrepreneurs had significant experience in the lift industry, and believed there to be a demand for an elevator that was simple to fit, smarter, easy to operate and more reasonable than the elevators that used to be around.

All four entrepreneurs, all engineers, constructed their first lift themselves. Indeed, the rest is history. Aritco is situated in a 16.000 sqm sizeable factory and office in Veddesta. Now, the company manufacture nearly 4000 each year that are sold in 40 different countries via over 170 distributors.

Quality and Reliability For Public Spaces With Aritco Platform Lifts

Aritco platform lifts are high in quality, reliable and compact. We can fit these elevators nearly anywhere without them taking up too much space. All three models will also not interfere with the design and building structure, as they do not require a different shaft or engine room. This makes them excellent both for a retrofit to meet accessibility needs or when building a space from the ground up.

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