Axel Passenger Lifts

We install Axel passenger lifts to suit the needs of our clients, such as architects, engineers and developers, that need bespoke elevators for their projects. Our team have significant experience in efficiently fitting lifts, while causing minimal disruption to your business proceedings. Feel free to get in touch with a professional member of our team today to make any additional enquiries.


Axel was founded in 1989 by partners from a range of European countries with the singular focus of offering clients a flexible lift solution. Ever since, many people have begun associating the company with quality and trustworthiness. The lift manufacturer is based in Milan, Italy. It is arranged in three units, including project management, controller and lift manufacturing.

The Axel range is based on an OEM commercial approach and the lift manufacturer deliver their products to lift businesses. They also supply businesses with the technical support necessary to help clients, construction and engineering companies.

Why Get An Axel Lift?

Axel is one of the few lift companies that design, develop and tailor make bespoke units. Our lifts are made to suit the particular needs and visions of customers that need exclusive individual lifts for their properties.

Product Range

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