Bath Hoists Bristol

We can supply and fit bath hoists in Bristol to offer a safe and comfortable transfer system. Sunlift hoists are ergonomic in design and manufactured from parts of an exceptional quality. A lift can be essential for assisting individuals with entering and exiting a bath. Typically bath lifts function with a canvas hanging from them which individuals can use to move over the bathtub. A transfer bench consists of two legs that sit in the bath and an additional two on the floor beside it. The user can then move along the width to move to an area in the bath.

Luxurious Bath Hoists Fitted To Meet Your Needs

Here at our company, we install a broad range of luxurious bath hoists to meet your individual requirements and preferences. Contact us today to discuss our range available.

Ceiling Hoists

There are many benefits to making use of ceiling hoists, though essentially manufacturers design them to eliminate the need for carers to manually handle patients. Ceiling hoists also make it easy for patients to travel, minimising the likelihood of injury and creating a better standing of living.

We can fit tracks to the ceiling with a patient hoist connected, providing users the option to move freely along the track length. Furthermore, we can fit track turntables and switches to help patients to adjust their travel direction, to move between rooms, for instance. These tracks can cover whole rooms and individuals can manage them with a hand held device. Therefore, patients can have the independence to travel without restriction, or with minimal help from a carer. We can install them flexibly and adjust them to suit the location, whether a private space, medical environment or education setting.

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